21. Januar 2020


One year ago, I visited Finland or let's say Lapland, which is the northern part of this country.
It's actually a bit weird when I tell people I have already been to the North Pole, I mean, its the place where Santa Clause lives, so more like something out of a fairytale.

We went to Saariselkä, a small town 20 minutes from the airport in Ivalo. Ivalo is also known for its Lake Inari which is the biggest lake in Europe (I think.. it is huge anyways).

We rented a small cabin including a Sauna of course for a couple of days and then we had two days in a glass igloo which was amazing!
There we also saw northern lights for the first time!!!

About the Aurora or Northern Lights, well, people tell you to go up on a hill or mountain, without interference from man made light to see them..
To be honest, we went up a hill twice and still we weren't lucky at all. The weather at this time wasn't on our side. There was a lot of snow these days. So there was just this one day where we got the chance to see them dancing up at the sky.

My personal highlight was the reindeer and husky sleigh ride. And also playing with the huskies afterwards!

some years ago i went to the Lapland, Rovaniemi, to be more precise 🙂 and i had a great time! it was still winter, late february, but something truly exotic for me as i am from Portugal… i think you can imagine ahah you have a really nice work 🙂 cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

Oh I bet you loved it! the landscape has something magical in winter and as you visited it in february you had way more daylight than we had haha.
I’d go there in february too next time!
And thank you soso much! 🙂

ahah that’s right, daylight was enough, I was expecting much worse lol the city and Christmas village are unique 🙂 would love to return too eheh PedroL

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